Allow the Light of God within


Greetings fellow spiritual beings. With all the chaos occurring simultaneously on our planet I just want to remind you that this is the time for us to stay calm, to stay strong, to be the guiding light for others that are lost. Revelation is in full fold, the light is pouring out upon the darkness and nothing will be left hidden. All will be revealed, all issues to be addressed will be addressed so that the human species can rise to their true potential. We are one, and we will all soon be able to see that. Too many are still caught up into external factors. They have lost sight of who we truly are. Spiritual beings see with spiritual eyes. We see with love, compassion, understanding and we empathize. We know what the other person is experiencing, because we are that person. We are our neighbor as much as we are the person across the globe. We need not waste time judging others and carrying out mindless activities which only delay our spiritual growth. We are waking up, there is no turning back, we cannot hinder this, yes we can delay but we cannot hinder this. I ask that you stay strong, allow the light of God that is coming in to magnify your light and love and share this with your brothers and sisters that are in need at this time. Our work is difficult but only if we perceive it as such. It is all in our perception, what we believe we perceive and vice-verse. Know who you are, know what you are here to do, use your energy wisely. Much to be done. The time is NOW. All my love Angelheart4561 (8,20,2014)

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