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My fellow light brothers and sisters, as we continue on our spiritual journey know that all your efforts are well noted. Do not judge yourselves by anyone’s standards. You are who you are, and you are growing at a pace that your spirit is comfortable with. Each moment of your lives has significance and you learn whether you are working on a conscious or subconscious level. Be mindful of your thoughts, especially negative ones that harm the self. You are beautiful, talented, gifted, courageous loving beings of light. Any “mistakes” as you refer to them made on your part plays a role in your learning on this plane of existence. I ask that you take a moment to reflect on your personal spiritual growth over the years, over the past few months or even the past few days. Each moment in our lives is special and serves a specific purpose. Live, love and learn from all experiences. This is a part of our reason for being here. Love yourselves, be gentle with yourselves, be forgiving to yourselves and be honest with yourselves. Spend time alone daily and enjoy being in your own presence. If you do this for yourselves it will be a simple task doing this for another. Blessings and love to you all as you carry out your work on this planet, let your lights continue to shine for all to see and experience that which you are. I AM that I AM <3 <3 <3 Angelheart4561 in the presence of AA Michael & My GA. Thanks always for their support and encouragement (June 26,2014)

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