Angelheart4561 November 2, 2014

Dear hearts, it gets frustrating at times watching the outwards appearance of activities on this planet and the things that are taking place on this 3D level of existence. I get frustrated at times wanted to speed up the process. Every time I get out of body and look back on the planet the level of emotion that I feel is overwhelming. It is with this that I AM offer much love, light and support to all at this time. To help with the energies and vibrations that you are faced with. Many of you are facing tremendous personal challenges. Encountering various situation for personal growth. whether you or a love one is sick, or you suffered the loss of a loved one, lost a job and having financial difficulties, going through family issues, medical including mental health issues, whatever the cause of your stressful situation right now all is not lost. Consider yesterday your worst day. Make the decision to change your life today. Whatever energy tried to create a setback, tried to pull you back, drag you down, let it go. it is not going to work. You are always in control. You are too powerful to let any situation gain control of who you are. Take control of the situation. Let it know I AM who I AM. I AM here to do what I AM here to do. Nothing is going to stand in my way. There are no obstacle large enough to block my path. I can overcome any and all challenges because of who and what I AM. Remember you carry the spirit of the living God, the Creator of all that is, was and ever will be within you. You are infinite beings of love. I offer you all my love, I ask that God magnify the energies and pour it upon you all at this time, I ask for healing on all levels, mind, body, spirit. May all blocks be removed from your path physical or psychological. May the blessings of God be upon you and all that you ask for the highest good of your soul be provided to you.  Amen,  Angelheart4561.

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