Angel’s Blessings

Good day dear hearts, sending much love, light and healing energies to you all. May you be blessed in all aspects of your lives. Early this am I saw a beautiful angel pouring out energy unto the planet. The energies were being spread in the atmosphere, on the earth and all the trees/plant life it was an amazing sight. She said with these new energies elevating the planet soon many more humans will be able to see the angels. In oneness we send you all our love, we are one, blessings always.

3 thoughts on “Angel’s Blessings”

  1. Hello Thank you for this interesting site! As I was getting into bed with my Angel book, I felt my heart beating out of control. I was recently cleared by a cardiologist for palpitations, yet this was like nothing I d ever experienced. My heart was rocking my body and there was nothing I could do to calm it. After spending the night being monitored in hospital out of sheer desperation, I was again cleared, sent home and the heart beating out of my body feeling continued for another 24 hours, then it stopped it just stopped-re-appearing ever so slightly at random times. I have also been experiencing frequent headaches, hearing the ultrasonic pitch, depression, anxiety, catching glimpses in my peripheral vision, no tolerance for negativity (and noticing how prevalent it is), restructuring many relationships and finding that I had to walk away from many (leaving not many people around) along with many other symptoms of ascension. I use energy stones but these symptoms seem stronger than the usual healing that the crystals can offer. I can t say for sure if my body is transforming, but I suspect it is. I do believe that all souls will eventually go through this, in this life or another, so in that respect all souls are chosen, at different rates of evolution of course, but we are all equal. Question: how long will these symptoms persist before reaching the next level of evolution?

    1. Each individual will take the “time” (human concept of time) their body needs to adapt to the changes that their body and soul encounters as they evolve on this planet and fully integrate soul and body as one conscious being with a clear comprehension of who they are. Thank you, Angelheart4561

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