Angels are light beings, created by God, to do his will.   They are different  types of  angels and their functions vary.   The main groups are as follows ; Guardian Angels GA,  Archangels AA, Principalities they work with powers, they watch over many people at once, Powers  they are warrior angels and they keep historical records, Virtues – help to spread the light of God, Dominions –are angels of mercy, Thrones – they pass on wisdom from God to us, Seraphims – have six wings, they surround the Godhead and sing praise  “Holy, holy, holy”  Isaiah 6 vs 2-3. Cherubim- guard the heavens, and Cherubs – works with the Cherubims.  

Most of the angels that we are familiar with are the Archangels, cherubim and  Guardian angels.  Angels have many functions they are messengers from God and they guide us and protects us daily but they also have multiple higher functions given to them by God which they joyfully  carry out.  They are very loving beings, mostly invisible but will show themselves whenever necessary.  Most Angels when seen will take the form of light with various shapes and sizes depending on their function at that particular time.  Sometimes they will show themselves as animals, birds, or even a person that you may or may not know just to deliver as message.  Often in dreams they take the forms of a person but their appearance are distinct. You may see them with wings sometimes and at other times their wings are not displayed. Many times when I see them in dreams I don’t see any feet. Sometimes I see my angel its just his head that is visible, so don’t be alarmed if you see an head floating around you at times. You can always tell when you are in the presence of an angel.  They radiate so much love and light, it doesn’t matter what kind of mood you’re in they will cheer you up, and they have a sense of humor, they love to laugh.  When you pray you can always ask God for the angels help and if you’re comfortable talking to the angels you can always ask their opinion or advice, they are quick to help you no matter what the situation.  The angels are here to help us don’t be afraid to ask them for assistance, this is their assignment from God, they are doing his will. Remember we do NOT pray to the angels, but we can talk with them.  Angels have the ability to be in more than one places at once especially the Archangels so don’t think that you are bothering them are taking them away from others in  need of  their services.  We each have our own angel guarding us and at times we have more than one with us. They were made to multitask.  Treat them with love and respect, the same way you would treat a brother or sister. Show appreciation for having them in your life and remember to thank them whenever they help you out. It is good to tell them thank you daily since they are working very hard to keep you safe.

Guardian angels are the angels that are closest to us at all times.  They can  lower their vibrations to the 4th   dimension close to our 3D  plane.  Because we are on different vibrational frequency it is difficult for the majority of people to see them.  If you are open minded and not afraid, and you have raised your vibrational frequency to the 4th dimension or higher it is possible for you to see them.  All humans can hear them, many of you just don’t realize that you’re actually taking advice or being given information by them. We all have a guardian angel,  assigned to us since the beginning. Each guardian angel is assign  to us as spirit even before we are born.  They’re assign to protect us and they accompany us into this world and stay with us throughout our life cycle.   They offer us guidance and they protect us.  They are messengers from God and they try to make things easier for us here on earth.  We often ignore them and when things go bad for us we complain and then acknowledge that we should have listened to that  subtle voice.  They are full of love and compassion, they don’t judge us, and they always try to keep us happy.  They can be playful at times, they know you more than you know yourselves, so trust them. I would add, trust them with your life.

Archangels (AA ) have very high vibrational frequency .  Because of their high vibration we often don’t see them.  One has to be really spiritually in tune or operating at a high vibration to have contact with them.  This is why we mostly encounter them during prayer and meditation or in dreams.  Personally I know when one is around because the energy is different and I can feel the physical changes, the energy is powerful and impossible to ignore.  I have seen their light on occasions but mostly encounter them in dreams and meditation. Most of the AA known to us are; AA Michael, AA Gabriel, AA Uriel, AA Raphael, AA Zadkiel, AA Ariel, AA Azrael.

As with all things use your judgement.  We live in a world with positive and negative some may say good and bad, darkness and light, good and evil, duality.  Whatever the phrase remember there is often a balance.  We have to be mindful of our surroundings  and existence.  Know that there are angels of light and angels of  darkness.  When Lucifer left heaven he took a 3rd of an “innumerable” amount angels with him.  Learn to differentiate, know when a being of light is in your presence or whether you’re being approached by darkness/negativity.  Always rebuke negative energy, don’t allow it in your presence.  Pray Daily and ask God to protect you in his light, do  not allow the negative/dark angels anywhere near you, not even in your thoughts.  If you stay in the light of God you’ll draw near the beings of God, and fear nothing when you are protected by the Most High.

Daily Affirmation, feel free to add any positive attributes that you like

I AM  Love
I AM Light
I AM Compassion
I AM beautiful
I AM Brave
I AM Happy
I AM Honest
I AM Wise
I AM Successful
I AM Understanding
I AM Patient
I AM Protected
I AM Blessed
I AM that I AM…..


A smile that brights up the sky
Angel in the sky

The above picture is of an angel in the sky, I was ask to take the picture  and when I did I saw her smiling. She was so radiant in the sunlight.

Archangels (AA) -below are the names of some  Archangels and some of their functions;
AA Michael “presiding over human virtue, commands and nations” , AA Gabriel – God’s strength, “who presides over Ikisat, over paradise, and over the Cherubim”,  AA Uriel – carries the light of God,  “presides over clamour and terror” , AA Raphael  – angel of healing “presides over the spirits of men” , AA Zadkiel – righteousness of God, AA Ariel – presides over nature , AA Azrael – angel of death, AA Chamuel – angel of love,  AA Haniel- brings joy, AA Jeremiel – brings hope to mankind, AA Jophiel Beauty of God, counterpart to Metatron, AA Metatron – angel of children,  AA Raguel “who inflicts punishment on the world and luminaries”,  AA Sarakiel  ” presides over the spirits of the children and men that transgress ” AA Sandolphin – brother to Metatron.  Information in quotation taken from ( The Book of Enoch The Prophet, chap. XX, chap. XXI, translated by Richard Laurence).

Meanings of some Angel’s names and  position of service (taken from the Ancient Mysteries of Melchizedek by Melchizedek Y  Lewis, the new revised edition)

“(El – meaning strength)

Michael – One who is like unto EL ( The chief order of virtues, chief of Archangels, prince of the Holy presence, messenger of repentance, righteousness, mercy and sanctification, Ruler of the fourth heaven).

Aniel – I am EL (guards the west winds)

Haziel – vision/perception of EL

Ariel – Lion/brave one/gatherer of EL (rules over water, one of the seven princes, third Archon of the wind)

Daniel – EL rules/judges me ( a member of the order of principalities who has authority over representative of the law.

Mitzrael – El binds ( an Archangel/chief messenger who induces obedience towards superiors)

Harahel – El has revealed (Dominion over documentation and stored information)

Yahahel – YAH is the strength/power/The Mighty One (has dominion over philosophy/truth seekers and all who seek to rise above carnality/the cares of the world.

Meniel – El has appointed me

Vehuel – And he is EL ( a member of the order of Principalities)

Atsalyah – YAH delegates ( a member of the order of Virtues who has rulership over justice)

Saalyah -cure/remedy of Yah ( Governs the earth’s vegetation)

Reyael – a friend of EL ( the order of Dominations, rules over health and longevity, inspires respect for one’s parents).

Hariel – El has conceived/created me ( a member of the order of cherubim who rules over science and art, has dominion over tame animals).

Vehuyah – And he is Yah ( a Celestial messenger /angel which is called upon to realize prayer, governs the first rays of the sun and is one of the eight Seraphim

HahYah – Behold Yah; The Self  Existent One is Yah (governs the order of Dominations, diplomacy and ambassadors

Reyiel – the sight/vision/appearance of EL ( serves in the order of dominations).” Taken from the Ancient mysteries of Melchizedek by Melchizedek Y Lewis

Light/colors of some Archangels – the AA’s work on various light-rays they can also be associated with different colors reflective of their Aura.  I became interested in their colors after I started seeing emerald green light surrounding me  over 5 years ago. I spent months trying to figure out what it was. I thought maybe it was coming from the heart chakra, then I realize that it was actually AA Raphael’s  light.  My guardian angel is one of his angels and  AA Raphael visits us  frequently.  He’s  the AA responsible for health and healing and has been helping me out a lot. He helped me through my recovery when I was Ill and  he helps me out when I am working. Some of the colors are listed below

AA Michael  – blue
AA Gabriel  – white
AA Raphael – emerald green
AA Chamuel – rose pink
AA Uriel  – red
AA Zadkiel – purple
AA Metatron – gold
AA Jophiel – yellow
AA  Sandolphon – silver

Many people are having the phenomena of seeing numbers repeating themselves. Below are examples of   frequent number sequences  that I have seen.

456        333
4561      111
1212       112
1010      212
1100      444
1111      000
555         222

wake up, you are being called to wake up now.

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