Dream, Night of July 29 2014


Last night before going to bed, I asked Christ if I could spend some time with him, in heaven. I am not sure if any of that took place but I had a very fascinating dream. I dreamt that I was looking at the sky. At first it seemed like a painting, and then the images started to move within the frame. I saw multiple angels in the sky blowing their trumpets. I saw people ascending into the sky, just going upwards, straight up. The sight was beautiful. I kept saying how beautiful they looked. I was speaking to someone, explaining something to them but I couldn’t take my eyes off what I was seeing. They kept saying what are you looking at, I was describing what I saw to them, kept saying they look so beautiful. There were so many angels. I can’t express how happy I felt, I just kept smiling. I then saw simultaneously a group of people running, I could see things falling, and it was as though they were running from something. People were getting hurt; I started talking to my guide at this point, about the spirit within us. Saying if only people saw how strong the spirit was and its capabilities we would be so much different. I was looking at a person, seeing the body and the spirit separate while explaining this. I then woke up. I was still feeling happy from hearing the trumpets and seeing the people and angels in the sky (7,29,14)

DREAM, NIGHT 8,3,2014

I had a dream last night that was very uncomfortable. I saw a jumbo jet, a passenger airline in distress. This flight was leaving a major city; it looked like New York city from my field of vision. It was either leaving JFK or LaGuardia, but it was a major city. I saw the buildings and the highways in the background. It was flying too low for comfort. The pilot made a turn as though heading back toward the airport. There was a lot of black thick smoke coming from this plane. As he approach the airport area he tried landing on the highway/freeway but there were so many cars he lift up a bit higher. So many people were looking at this, Panicking. He started getting out of my field of vision. Some of the smoke lifted. Then I’m I saw a lot more smoke right over the airport, I started asking did he make it. I had a gut feeling he exploded in an attempt to land. Later I started seeing reports on the news. I was shown what happen inside the plane before it went into distress. I knew it was pilot error. He was distracted, doing something else he should not be doing while flying an airplane (that I won’t mention here), I knew he was at fault but he could not be questioned. It seemed as though they died. This was a strange and sad dream. It seemed all too real. Usually when I see something like this it is more of a vision than a dream. It usually happens.
This is where I go into meditation and prayer, I am and asking for your assistance, praying for our airlines, that they take the necessary precautions and that this pilot pays attention to what he is doing for a safe outcome. Thank you Angelheart4561(8,4,2014)


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