We spend so much time focusing on our fears,, that we have lost the ability to love and have compassion.  Because of fear, we
create problems that would not have existed if we lived in love.   Some people fear that they may get robbed so they barricade themselves in their homes behind bars as though they are prisoners.  Some fear judgment by others hence they are afraid to be themselves. What will others think of me? Will they like me if I speak my truth they ask? They live to please others, dimming their own lights so that others may feel good about themselves.  Why live in fear and create problems for yourself when you can be happy in the vibration of love.

It is because of fear why so many kill.  They murder because of fear and
cowardice.  Some of them are cheaters, thieves, predators, molesters, and because of fear of being seen for what they are, they will kill to keep their identities secret.  Because of fear of the unknown and fear of
the other individual’s achievement those that think they are superior take it
upon themselves to abuse, oppress, enslave and even kill them.

Mankind lives in fear, an emotion that was created to control those that fall to their own weakness.  Because of fear some
people say they are followers of God when they are not.  They do not know God, they do not know true love/love of God but they fear the idea “damnation and hell fire” causing them to pretend to the masses that they are followers of God.  But God sees your hearts dear ones, God knows
who you are.  You can pretend to the world, you can lie to your friends and love ones telling them what you believe they want to hear.  Because you are
afraid that they will not like you if you speak to them in truth or if they see
who you really are.  But God sees you for who you are, you cannot hide from God and you will never be happy living in fear.

I ask that you allow the light of God within.  Open your eyes open your hearts.  Release the fear, live in truth, live in love, live for God.  Love others because it is right, not because you expect something in return.  Do good
because it is right and not because you expect a reward.  Love God because God is God and not because of fear of damnation.

I AM Angelheart4561, much love and blessings (2,23,14)

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