Diet – a healthy diet is encouraged to keep the physical body healthy and when the physical body is healthy your spirit is happy.  So practice eating healthy. A diet low in fat, low in cholesterol and low in sodium is ideal for most people, try not to exceed 2500 calories daily if you are diabetic you should try not to exceed 1800 cal/day.  Remember to include your basic food groups, eliminate or reduce junk foods. When eating healthy portion size matter so don’t over do it.  No matter how healthy a food is if taken in excess it is not good for your body and this includes water.  Water is good for the body but excess water can be unhealthy. Remember whatever  diet you choose, always consult with your medical provider, nutritionist or qualified dietitian on any changes you’re making to your diet. For additional information on physical health you can visit .

Exercise – exercise go hand in hand with a healthy diet. It keeps you in shape, physically fit, excellent for your heart and aid in weight loss. If your goal is weight loss remember to burn at least 500 calories a day and this will aid in weight reduction.  Start with warm up activities, stretches, brisk walking for 3o minutes daily 2-3 days a week is sufficient and like everything else don’t over do it. For anyone with medical issues including airway obstruction/constriction, cardiac related issues such as heart failure and any other medical issues always consult with your medical provider and or appropriate qualified personnel before beginning any exercise routine.  You want to be healthy but you also have to do it safely.


Spiritual Health – Spiritual health is equally important as physical health.  When your spirit is not healthy it is not happy and this will be evident in the physical body. A good way to start off each day is taking a few minutes to commune with  God, our creator, the source of all things, whatever name you use for identification is o.k, God knows who you are.  You don’t have to go far because God is with you always.  God lives within you and you live within God, always remember that.  Spend as much time as you need. Before you start your day, give thanks, ask for guidance and protection in all you do.  State the intention that you want to function throughout the day from a higher perspective, from your I AM presence/your higher self .  Let the light of our father, the light of Christ and the holy spirit guide your every step.  When You’re in your I AM presence you’re more likely to hear the guidance being offered to you, listen to this voice, its subtle but it will make your day successful and much easier to go through.  At some point during the day or night take time to be alone with yourself in your favorite location with some quite or music if you choose and meditate.  Remove all problems and concerns from your mind, practice deep breathing exercises, relax and your spirit will do the rest.  Don’t forget to spend some time in nature, and read, listen to or watch spiritual uplifting materials. Your spirit wants to be happy so you can be happy. If you feed the spirit fearful, negative and violent materials, it will increase your fear and anxiety. You may start feeling irritable and not know why, and sometimes you may also have to take drastic steps such as not hanging around people with too much negativity. They drain your positive energy and pull you off balance. If someone you know is negative you can try informing them about the energy they give off if you feel comfortable doing so, but to avoid conflict  just send them love, light and prayer and stay away until they become more positive (Angelheart4561)

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