Higher Self Message August


Good day dear hearts, sending much love, light and positive energies to you all. I just want to reach out to you in these elevated energetic period.  Riding these energetic waves can often get a bit difficult on the body. During these periods I do remind you that getting enough rest and hydration is always key. It is very important to listen to your body for guidance as to what to eat and drink as your needs will change depending on the energetic flow and your current phase of ascension.  Taking care of Spirit, mind and body is very important.

We live in what I often refer to as NOW, the present moment.  There is no time as the human perceives it, everything happens now. Many humans will stress or worry about what they refer to as the past or future which is not relevant to now. When one fully grasp what it is like to live in the present moment, life is so much simpler and less stressful on the body.  Being in a human state causes you to be vulnerable to all things. Understanding that you are in fact spirit using a human body as host temporarily places everything in perspective. Humans work within limitation, spirit has none.  As spiritual beings evolving on this planet, we are teaching the human what we already know causing the human to integrate with the spirit completes us which is basically the goal of the ascension process. The more the human learns, from the spirit the more awaken the human appears.  Causing the human to become conscious of the knowledge the spirit has is called awakening, on a scale that involves the whole planet being conscious we refer to as ascension. Hence the path to ascension is assisting all humans on this planet to rise in consciousness, awaken from their slumber and remember who they are in spirit.

I have previously discuss some of the things that occur when a human is awaken or is rising in consciousness, many of you are also aware. You have notice what is taking place in the matrix so to speak.  Some humans start becoming health conscious they take note of pollution, genetically modified foods, chemtrails, they question vaccinations, disease and cures etc, Others are conscious of the dimensional planes of existence, curiosity awakens regarding what occurs In dimensions other than the 3D plane, many investigate, and have encounter with unidentified flying objects (UFO’s), search for life beyond this planet.  Some are merely interested in technology and development of newer advance earth friendly technology.  Many go into spiritual realm investigating the things that are seen and not explained or what many fear to know. Others seek spiritual knowledge, answers to why they are here, where they came from, trying to understand the heavens its dimensions and the beings that travel these dimensions.  The path to ascension is a learning process that will take you on an adventure once you accept that you are more than just a shell and start to remember your true identity, claiming your sovereignty.

A spirit who remembers that they are eternal light and love with no possibility of death has no real problem on a planet made to test our limits.  This Earth school/ship that we are on is also our testing ground. There is much to learn here. When you remember how to see , how to trust your intuition/knowing and all the other natural gifts that you were created with you then trust yourself enough to know when others try to deceive you. Many humans walk around on this planet believing that everything they see is as is. An awaken being knows the difference between all creatures on this planet it does not matter what plane of existence they come from. The human tries to explain and rationalize everything when it is simple. Everyone lives in their own reality having their own belief and whatever is true for them will be true until they leave their avatars (what humans call death) unless they awaken. The human/ego will use fear to hide from growth including spiritual growth. There is no need for fear when you know who you are.  Love is the most powerful weapon against fear, even the ego will give into love and merge with the spirit for its highest good.

During these energetic months when the veils are thinner and much becomes visible to the eyes of the seers and many more humans who are waking up will also start to see, it will be difficult for others to keep denying what is, when the mass consciousness is awake. Rise in consciousness is not going away because some humans don’t agree it will only happen faster and at a larger rate. Things are speeding up. Some humans say the world is changing but the world actually just is, humans are the ones who actually change, they wake up so they start to see the world through different eyes. The more awoken they are the more they see.  It’s just like a new car owner, he buys a black car take it out for a spin then for the first time he notice there are a lot of these black cars same make and model around, some parked, some driving by him, he start thinking they were not so popular before I bought mine where did they come from? The moment he bought that car it came into his realty hence he will see all the cars that are similar instantly. This planet can actually be fun once you figure out how things work.  I have a lot to talk about with you guys, if you have any questions or topics that you want to discuss please leave a message and I will either post the message on my blog or on the channel. Thank you so much for listening blessings always, we are one in consciousness, much love from Angelheart4561

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