Message from Christ, The Masters and the Angelic realm in the presence of our Father and Mother


As the tides turn, let your love flow with the energies and waves of light that is brought upon you.  We ask that you stay in the now, hold on to hope, hold on to love, hold on to your truth and know that we are with you.  Things are not always as they appear and we cannot emphasize enough that your reward will be great.  You are over the threshold, you have come to
fruitation and all that is needed to create this new world is already within

Now is the time to magnify your energies, to shine your lights on each other and unto the planet to awaken those that continue to slumber. Now is the time to maximize the consciousness of mankind.  Nothing is holding you back but yourselves.  Do not place limits on your abilities as they are endless.  Reach for the stars as they reach down to meet you.  Your consciousness is rising and a new earth is born.  Bring forth the joy that has been longing to arise.  Spread your love, spread your lights, we’re with you.  Our Father and Mother are here waiting to see the splendor that you hold within that is bursting to the come out.

Bring out the Christ within you and remove all blocks, all fears, all anxieties, all that impairs your judgment and all that deceives you.  You are that you are and nothing stands in your way.  We send forth love and healing
energies to all those who wishes to receive it.
We awaken the cellular structures within that are dormant at this time
and we ask that you respond to the energies and coding you receive.  Continue to take care of your vessels.  Rest and water is always vital to your
vessels but we also ask that you nurture your spirits.  Keep them in the energies of love and Christ and raise your vibrations and send the energies about you, throughout the planet and cosmos. We are one in consciousness and we love you all dearly.

This is Christ and the Masters, working in the energies of our Father and Mother, with the Angels by our side. We thank you.

Channeled by Angelheart4561, much love and thanks to God, to Christ and the higher realms.  Much love and blessings to you all (3,4,2014).

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