Message from the Heavenly Realms


Good day to you all, we wish to share words of comfort with you at this time. As you go through this current phase of your spiritual growth and obstacles appear on your path. We ask that you remind yourselves of who you are. There are no obstacles, great or small that cannot be removed by you. You have the abilities to make clear your path before you. Things at times may appear much larger than they really are and that is due to the fear that created them in the first place. If you take a closer look it can be as small as you intend for it to be, small enough for you to trample under your feet.

We ask that you take some time daily to spend with yourselves. Allow the energies to surround you, enfold you and enclose all aspects of your beings. Allow your spirits to rise above to its highest levels. Using the energies of love that you now vibrate in, create whatever it is that you need for your being to be happy. At this time, anything created in love will be beneficial to your spiritual growth, to your brothers and sisters and to your planet. Heal yourselves of whatever ails you and remove the negative blocks that you have allowed fear to build around you. We ask that you break down these barriers, demolish them to invisibility where you know in your being that they no longer exist.

See your potential, rise to it and claim what is yours. Let nothing stand in your way for nothing really does, your only obstacle is the limitations you place on yourselves. You have no limits, remember who you are, claim who you are and bring into creation that which you will to be in love.

We offer much love and support and ask that you accept our energies. Close your eyes, sit in stillness and feel our love as we magnify your energies. Feel the vibration of love that you are encased in and then share the energies with those around you and with your planet. We are always here when you need us, just ask, we are more than willing to respond to you all. We thank you for your work and the opportunities to work with you at this time. We are one in consciousness and we love you all. This is Christ and the Masters working with the archangels, sharing the love and light of our Father.

Thanks to the Christ and the heavenly realms for their message. Channel by Angelheart4561( June 2, 2014)

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