Message from the Heavenly Realms


Beloved children of light you are living in times of tremendous change and for so many of you, it is times of uncertainty. You ask what is next? Can it get worse? Will it get Worse? Is this it? Or Will it get better? These are times of choices, decision making, and time of putting forth your spirit to the test as you often say. Yes you are here and by now you have realized this is not an easy task, this is hard work, this is what you signed up for, this is your challenge.
At this time we remind you to you focus on your inner spirit, the I AM within thyself. Allow your energies and light to come forward and shine and awaken the sleeping cells that lay within. You are all at different stages of awakening and sadly many still slumber but the events and individual experiences that have been taking place is what is necessary to awaken each spirit. You ask why is this bad thing happening to me? Why am I sick? Why am I without a job? Why am I the one losing a love one? But these experiences are necessary for some of you and your spiritual awakening, indeed necessary for your spiritual growth. We say that the lessons continues to appear to get more difficult, yet this is only the perception. Once you start seeing through the eyes of spirit you are able to see and separate the illusion, separate the delusion, separate the make believe barriers and you then see clearly your true purpose. You then say this experience was necessary, this is why I am here.

You want things to change, what you create within are reflected externally and we say this is a great accomplishment that you are now able to perceive this reality for what it truly is. No more time for hiding, no more time for fearing what others may think, it is time for you to accept your responsibilities. Create the life that you wish to see manifest before your very eyes. You want peace, make it happen, stop requesting that others do it for you. Each spirit has the ability create peace within themselves and their external environment.

Again we ask that you release the fear, release the anxieties, shine forth your true light and extinguish that which does not serve your highest good or the highest good of the planet. We are getting closer to the finish line, and we are pleased with your work. We ask that you hold on to your truth, your strength comes from within. Your work is not yet done, we are putting an end to the old energies and the new energies are in full effect. As we deliver these energies to you and your higher selves transmit them through your vessels, raise your vibrations to meet these energies then spread them round and about. We are pleased with the awakening and we offer much love to you all. We speak as one, we act as one, we are one in consciousness and we love all.
Thanks to the heavenly realms for their message, I AM Angelheart4561, much love ( July 20th 2014)

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