Message from the Heavenly Realms September 6,2014


We have made our calls; the trumpets have sound, the heavens declared the glory of God. The lights have been poured out in steady streams. They are coming in waves and will continue to do so. This is the resurrection of man. The earth has cried out no more, the people of earth have grown weary of all the darkness. This is being swept away. We have parted the fog, swept away the density. The darkness is being swept away to be replaced by light. No more wandering around trying to figure out where you are. Soon you will all be able to see. Years of blindness, suddenly vision restored. This is the awakening of man.
The greed, deceit and crimes against humanity shall be no more if you choose so. Your eyes will be open hence the choice to live in a world that doesn’t satisfy your soul’s purpose will be of your own choosing. We are cleansing the atmosphere, we are cleansing the planet, and we are cleansing humanity on all levels. Open your hearts , open your minds, open your eyes. We ask time and again see who you are, see what surrounds you, see the world as it is now. Things are falling out of place, so that things can fall into place, the cleansing continues.
The appearance of chaos is only an appearance. Please stay in your hearts, stay in peace, stay in love at this time. Avoid fear, anxieties and other negativity. Trust your higher selves. As we surround the planet, we pour our lights and love upon the earth, throughout the heavens and upon your hearts. Call on us whenever you need our assistance, we are always here to help. We are one in consciousness and we love you all. From the heavenly realms.
Channeled by Angelheart4561. Much thanks to the heavenly realms, all my love (September 7,2014)

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