Message from the Heavenly realms; Archangel Zadkiel speaks


As we usher in the light and love unto your planet, we ask that you accept our gift, accept our help, and accept our energies.  You are shifting
beautifully in consciousness and progressing as we expected.  The changes externally may not all reflect its true nature or progress so we ask that you remain patient while all the changes take place.

Internally and on the spiritual level you know and feel these changes as they truly are.  Those who are currently seeing with their
spiritual eyes are seeing the world as it should be.  You see the light in the dark, the love through all the hate and the positives within the sea of negativity.  You see the truth as opposed to the images
and creations brought on by fear. As you love and share your light you manifest your true nature into this reality, the reality of this world, the true expression of earth will be brought forth for all eyes to see.

Your works are not in vein and many of you can witness to the instant manifestations taking place. You should know that when things are asked of in faith and truth it will be given to you. Likewise you are cautioned that negative manifestation will also ensue if you harbor fear in your heart.   There is nothing to fear dear hearts.  This false emotion brought on by your egos, not willing to work with you, not wanting to
lose control, will keep you from your spiritual growth if allowed.

Allow your lights to be seen, to grow, to be shared.  You all sparkle like
precious gems and  you are far more precious.  Know who you are, know that you have no limitations; live in the vibration of the love that you are.  You are nothing less than love manifest in spirit.  Share it with the world and see the world and feel the world through these energies.  Continue pouring your love and light unto the earth and each other. Bring into view the earth that is already reborn before you as we remove the illusions and veils that separate you from the truth.

You know who you are. No more complaining, no more excuses.  You are
not limited, this is time for action, this is a call to action, you are here to
complete your work and we say the time is now.Accept our love, our energies as we pour out our love upon you.  Open your hearts and let it in, then send it back out to each other, unto your planet and your universe completing the work you came here to do.  This is the
resurrection of man, so be it.  We are
one in consciousness; we share our love with you always.   AA
Zadkiel and the heavenly realms.

Much thanks to AA Zadkiel and the heavenly realms, Angelheart4561 (May2,2014)

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