Message From The Heavenly realms


People of earth awake to your true selves, awake to your Father’s love, to your Mother’s Spirit  and the Christ within you.  We cry out to you, release the light within you upon your planet.  Let your light and glory be known throughout the stars.  Let the earth be seen in her beauty afar off.

We ask that you awaken every aspect of you that lies within all times and merge together in oneness, multiplying your energies and magnifying your beacons upon this vast universe.  You are all shinning
beautifully as expected and it is time to bring all things to fruitation.  We are ready, we are please and it is your choice to bring into this reality all that is was and will be.

Heaven is now here, we are here.  Answer our call, awaken the sleeping cells within you and blossom into fullness.  We are ready, resurrection is now.  We are one in consciousness and we love you
all dearly.

by Angelheart4561, thanks to the heavenly realm for this message.  There is so much love coming from this realm I
cannot understand how so many do not feel it or see the splendor of it. My light goes out with yours to awaken our brothers and sisters who still slumber.
Much love and blessings ( March 15,2014)

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