Path to Ascension July Update



Hi everyone this is Angelheart4561, it is now July and it has been a while since I spoke with you. Today I will like to do an update on the Path to ascension.  Ascension is not a flip the switch, and you’re done kind of thing, it takes time and yes it takes work. Many humans assume that once they are awoken this is it, so they question many things. Another thing to ponder awakening is not a single step, the human will go through multiple awakenings during their path to ascension.  We are all at different stages of ascension, humans are on different stages of awakening hence they see things differently, their understanding of things are different.

The goal of ascension is integrating the human with the spirit, becoming one. No it is not simple and yes it takes time. Remember our spirit is already awake, but awakening of the human consciousness and integrating it allowing it to catch up to the spirit is vital to the ascension process. Humans tend to work from an ego perspective, spirit operates from love and on a higher vibrational frequency. Whenever an individual is acting from ego they are acting from their human form.

The more awaken a human become they start to see the world and others more clearly and from a perspective of love. They start to let go of judgment, selfishness, the thought that they are better than the other, or that they are always right. Humans that are not conscious are not aware that we all have different perspective, and that we see things from different realities, hence the difference of opinions.  Beings on this planet will be right in their own way even when they are not in agreement with you because of the reality that they are viewing the situation from. Seeing from a human perspective will only want you to force another to see things your way or do things your way. A conscious being will see the different alternatives, listen to another’s point of view and even if they don’t agree will understand that this is true for them since this is the reality that they exist in.

Humans can only understand from the level of awakening that they are at and no higher so it is sad at times when some humans label others as dumb or stupid and the like. They really are not conscious of that level of thinking hence let go of the judgement. For awaken beings things may seem simple, easy to understand, knowledge is at your fingertips so to speak. What we are actually doing is operating from our knowing and accessing the akashic records when needed. The more integrated you are the more you realize that we are one with all things and nothing is unavailable to us.  We learn to trust our own intuition and guidance more instead of relying on outward sources.  We no longer think, guess or make assumptions we know.

Humans in ego will operate in fear causing anxieties ext. Raising your vibration in love pulls you out of the density of fear and into higher consciousness. Integration is not about destroying the ego it is learning how to integrate the ego, the human with the spirit the higher aspects of yourself oneness so that you can become whole and balance.  During integration you will experience many changes, from physical, emotional, mental, spiritual energetic and the list goes on. If you operate from your knowing you will get through it o.k. You have many resources, you are never alone. You have your fellow awaking brothers and sisters, the entire heavenly and galactic realm by your side. We are one in consciousness, in love light and service this is Angelheart4561. I thank you for listening feel free to leave a comment or question.

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