Trust in The Great I AM





As we go through this period of rapid change, where so much is taking place at once.  It is hard for many of us to have a positive outlook.  We see things falling apart, friends and families getting sicker, many are dying, our government can’t seem to hold things together, and many of them are continually fighting for power. The earth changes are scary and devastating in areas, we keep looking for all this to stop and ask when will it change?

Things are actually changing and doing so rapidly but for many its hard to see. The past years we saw so many secrets and darkness and curruption revealed.  Things are changing, things are moving along as expected. This is when I say, go within, be one with your I am presence and connect with the Great I AM, the creator of us all. Our Father and Mother is reaching out to us. Trust in the Great I AM to guide you in all you do. Listen to his messengers, heed his warnings.  Ask our creator to release all your fears, remove all your anxieties. Focus your energies on loving instead of worrying.  Everything that happens to us has a purpose.  There is always a lesson in each experience. We may not enjoy the experience but we learn from them.

We have to trust that all will work out for good even when it doesn’t seem that way.  Fear and anxieties will only bring you stress which will eventually leave you feeling ill or becoming ill.  There is nothing in this world to be afraid of.  You are in charge of your life. Do not draw negative situations to you.  Create your own reality, create your own happiness, cut all ties with negativity .  Always say a prayer or just have a conversation with the creator whenever negative energies start to surround you or affect you. It can’t stay if you dismiss it.  Learn to recognize evil and darkness and banish it from your presence.

Our creator offers us so much, the possibilities are endless, accept the guidance of the Holy Mother Spirit.  She is here with you in the physical.  If you sit in silence, quiet and relax you can actually feel her presence with you. She holds and comfort you, raises your vibrations, help you to connect to our father on a deeper level. we have the support of the angelic realm who are more than eager to help us, we only have to ask and it will be done. When you ask for help know that it is already in motion before your request is complete.  If you doubt for 1 second that your request  may not be granted you may as well cancel your request because it won’t happen.  You must trust, release all fear, have faith in you.  You are magnificent beings, full of light, you are well loved and highly favored.  You have a large task and  not an easy one, but together as one we can accomplish the ultimate.  No situation is too big to handle.  Take the time to listen to your inner guidance, listen to the Angels, listen to Christ, and open your hearts, minds and eyes to the Almighty Creator of all life.

We have work to do, but it is much easier when you trust and not doubt. when I go about my day I KNOW that all will work out.  Don’t think it will work out, know it will. Sometimes things are not going as planned , when this happens I know something else is going on, there is always a reason and usually its for my own benefit.  My life has been spared several times in these situations and its listening and trusting and not complaining that has helped me. The spiritual world is as real as the physical and can be seen just the same, remove your fear, remove your anxieties, remove your veils and accept the gifts offered to you by the Almighty and trust his guidance.  It will all be clear to everyone soon.
I am that I am, Angelheart4561. All My love and light to you all. (Angelheart4561 June 6 2013)

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