Timeline Showing Joe Biden Winning 2020 Election

Blessings dear hearts this is Angelheart4561. In these difficult times I wanted to reach out to you to offer love and support and remind you each and every day that you are never alone.  I would like you to pause for even a minute of silence and just breathe in and out deeply, Holy breathe in breathe out and relax. Take a few minutes out of your day to practice deep breathing and relaxation exercises especially for those of you experiencing feelings of anxieties, increase fears, depressed moods, Post- traumatic tress disorder (PTSD) etc.

  There are so many negative and fear based agendas surrounding us at this time, keeping your energies clear and positive will help you through these challenging times.  As the light of our creator continues to shine on humanity we will continue to see mankind awake from their slumber as evolution progresses. As the old system continues to fall apart and the new world arise from its ashes, many humans will have a difficult time adjusting to the changes. Things will continue to unfold very rapidly, as in the blink of an eye, making it difficult to keep up.  Many want to hold on to an old system, but it has already collapsed. What we see is just the aftermath of what has already occurred. What cannot be taken back, what must be played out in this reality as it is set forth in the timeline given.  

Speaking of timelines , I try to avoid discussing these events. But one of the most prominent timelines that I have been watching the past year and ½ has been showing Joe Biden as the next U.S President and Kamala Harris as the next Vice President.  I do not follow politics so I don’t know much. This is what I have been seeing on this particular timeline. I saw over a year ago that they would be the together as the Presidential and vice president pick. Further along the timeline I can also see that they will be winning most of the states including California. I see the major television networks I don’t think I’m allowed to call names but one of  the most popular network at present will be calling the election for Joe Biden.  I clearly see a certain anchor saying , and this is after he wins California , should we call it, should we call it, then he calls it and Joe Biden will win the U. S presidency according this timeline. There were many more votes yet to be counted but enough to project him as the winner. democrats were celebrating as expected especially the Voice President Pick (VP) kamala Harris. 

In this timeline our current president will not take it so well. That said I am sure you guys who understand the universe and timelines know how they work and that they are never set in stone and are aware that there are multiple timelines. This is the most prominent one that I’m watching.  Your thoughts, your vibrations, your prayers your actions what you do affects these timelines. On a side note What I saw prior to the previous presidential election , that timeline did not change , I saw MR Donald Trump before he was selected to be the Republican Nominee with his right hand raise saying God bless the united states of America,  I started watching that timeline, he was then selected as the Republican Nominee, he later became the U.S president So I notice that the timeline did not change after seeing it. I’ll keep on eye on this one also.    My beloved brothers and sisters I send you much love. From Angelheart4561, much love.

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